Yogurt “Nashensko” 3,6% fat

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Yogurt “Nashensko” 3,6% fat

Yogurt is a daily food for every Bulgarian. We work carefully and persistently in the direction of producing yoghurt of the highest quality, tasty and healthy. The high technological equipment of our base prevents direct physical contact of the staff with the raw material, which contributes to the production of fresh, clean and tasty yogurt. Due to the specialized transport company, all of our products reach the end consumer with perfect appearance, quality and taste.

One of the most preferred brands of yogurt is “Nashensko” .
We guarantee the purity and quality of our yogurt with strict hygiene control of raw milk and the entire production process. Depending on the percentage of fat we produce several types of yogurt with the brand “Nashensko” – these are “Nashensko” 2%, “Nashensko” 3.6%, “Nashensko” 4%. Ingredients: fresh pasteurized cow’s milk and ferment.

Available in packs of 0.400 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg.

About us

“Inter D” Ltd. is a family company specialized in the production of dairy products. The dairy (farm) is located on an area of 3dka. within the pretty village Kozarsko (mun. Bratzigovo) at the foot of the Rhodope Mountains.

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  • Село: Козарско
    Община: Брацигово
    Област: Пазарджик
  • 0888 254 890
  • inter_dood@abv.bg
  • www.nashensko.bg